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Case Insights is a monthly newsletter for case managers and those interested in elderly care. We research relevant topics of interest in the industry to better equip you and broaden your knowledge and perspective of current senior care trends.

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The Better Cares Act is a historic investment in Medicaid home and community based services that has passed. What does this mean to case managers? This investment creates enhanced funding to strengthen long-term care. It will benefit case managers by having a larger worker base to care for your patients.

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A loving caregiver can improve your client's living quality significantly by providing affection, encouraging them to do more activities, and enhancing their daily lifestyle. They provide trust, comfort, companionship, laughter, and detailed care. Clients can tell if they are being loved and respond with increased cooperation and a better disposition.

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Unfortunately dealing with problematic family members is a frequent part of a case manager's job.  When faced with difficult family members it is important for case managers to keep in mind that the family and the patient are dealing with many changes and each person manages stress differently.

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Telemedicine has many benefits to the caregiving industry and is here to stay. Many hospitals saw the benefit of it before the pandemic, Baptist hospital, for example, introduced their care on-demand service in 2016.  

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